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Lack of Fit-For-Purpose Data

Traditional communication approaches are often one-dimensional and static, making it difficult to provide a deep connection to users, leading to inferior knowledge transfer and retention. This can be problematic for businesses that are looking to improve stakeholder engagement and understanding of their assets, infrastructure or other critical knowledge points needing to be transferred. 

Our programming, modelling and 3D visualization team can help businesses overcome this problem by creating dynamic “real life” virtual environments, interactive and immersive experiences using gaming technology, and training worlds that will engage your audience and improve knowledge sharing and retention.

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Custom-Built, Scalable Virtual Environments

CADwalk’s programmers, modellers and 3D visualisation team specialise in delivering exceptional 3D immersive experiences to our clients. We create ”real life” virtual worlds, interactive learning modules, and training simulations that engage the target audience and greatly improve knowledge retention. 

Our content is created using Photo Based Realism (PBR) material finishes and accurate lighting to create realistic visuals. We design and optimize our content for local and cloud-based runtime environments, providing optimal experiences for desktop deployments and virtual reality experiences.

We have expanded on this capability by allowing for the integration of real-time data feeds into your 3D models. Real-time data feeds and centralised data management can be used to increase the lifespan of the solution and reduce the total cost of ownership of your deployment. CADwalk also offer the development and delivery of fly-through animations to assist effective stakeholder communication and engagement.

Research has shown that 3D and VR worlds offer a greater level of immersion, resulting in increased engagement and understanding . Additionally, 3D and VR solutions provide a level of interactivity that static information cannot match. Users can explore and interact with virtual environments in a way that allows them to fully immerse themselves in the experience, leading to significantly higher knowledge retention and understanding.

If you want to take your business to the next level, learn more about how our team can help you leverage the power of 3D and VR solutions to improve data interaction, understanding, engagement and knowledge transfer.

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"4x faster completion of learning-related tasks than traditional course methods"


Our Benefits

- Unified data set, reduces replication
- Immersive and collaborative metaverse creation
- Designed to maximise value creation for the client
- Simple-to-use User Interface (UI)
- High-quality results using Unreal Engine 4 & 5



Our Capabilities

- Unreal Engine 4 & 5
- Pixel Streaming
- Revit
- 3ds Max

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3D Programming & Modelling


Spatial AR
& VR






Desktop & Cloud


Learning & Development



Case Studies

ScopeErgonomic and human factors upgrade to the main control room and distributed control ...
Sydney Trains
ScopeRail Operations Centre (ROC) Operational Visual Display System for over 100 operators.
WA Utility
ClientWA Utility
ScopeDesign, project management, supply and install of Control Room technical hardware ...
ScopeCritical room works for both the Gorgon (On Shore) and Wheatstone (Off Shore) projects.
WA Police
ClientWA Police
ScopeDesign and deliver a video wall system for the State Operations Centre (SOC) with ...
South 32
ClientSouth 32
ScopeCritical room at key Northern Territory facility.
Ergonomie Australia
ScopeTo create an interactive VR design tool for Ergonomie to assess the human factors (HF) ...
ScopeTo create an interactive “fly through” visualization for a new space center.