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Gerhard Kimenkowski CADwalk

Gerhard (Kim) Kimenkowski

The Visionary

Kim’s passion for technology is undeniable and has led to the innovative business that is evident today.

Whilst Kim started the business supplying audio visual into control rooms and critical environments, in more recent years he has transformed it into Australia’s only turnkey control room offering, allowing CADwalk clients to minimise risk and maximise performance from their critical infrastructure.

The business has grown to encompass leading spatial visualisation technologies and continues to demonstrate the value add of these services for design, communication and collaboration applications, not only in the control room environment but across a variety of industries.

Today, Kim sits on the Board to support the experienced management team that now drives this exciting business. He remains active in our R&D program ensuring that his innovative spirit continues to be alive and well within our CADwalk culture.

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