Distribution platforms that make complex workplaces smart.

This is SMART

One keyboard, one mouse, any number of screens and not a single PC in the room.

Complete control

Designed with you in mind, simple multifunctional user interface with control over all your systems.

Multifunctional high
performance workplaces

Uncluttered, well-organized desks: the PCs are housed in a separate system room.

Latency free access

Latency-free access to all your information: for more speed, security and productivity.

Networking in real-time

Just choose another desk or location in the event of change or crisis.

Absolute freedom
and security

The hardware-based solution is independent of other software and hardware platforms, the Internet and your network.

Optimal ergonomics

Workflows are optimized with only one keyboard and mouse – error rates go down and sick days decrease.
The pleasure of working with high-tech is more than just nice-to-have.

The Problem

Leave the problem-prone workplaces of the 20th century behind. Executing one’s full range of duties and tasks often requires the command and control of multiple IT systems.

These are all independent systems, making for complex and inefficient control applications.

The Fix

The WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM is unique in the world.

It is an IP-based KVM switch solution that enables the shared and simultaneous use of all sources, systems and content at any workplace of your choice.

Our solution is completely autonomous: it is not connected to your business LAN or the Internet. This makes the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM absolutely secure and extremely flexible. The modular design is completely adaptable to your requirements.

“Our team has an enormous challenge to ensure safety and operations in an environment like JFK. We are blessed to work with partners like WEYTEC who help us achieve that”

Executive Director Terminal One
JFK Airport, New York

“The WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM supersedes all other remote technologies in terms of speed, compatibility, redundancy and total costs of ownership”

Mario Merki
Head of Field Engineering, WEYTEC

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