Design Validation and Optimisation:
Ideation to Reality

CADwalk’s distinctive offering can be applied to almost every business type and size – from respected research bodies (NASA and CSIRO), global conglomerates (Shell and Chevron), and bespoke boutiques and studios.

Our globally patented software and quality hardware place you within a virtual world, at the centre of your now life-sized designs. Walk around and ‘play’ with your design – open a doorway or a window and then physically relocate either. ‘Test’ a piece of furniture or equipment for functionality, accessibility, perspective and flow.

We capture your real-time assessment so that modifications can be instantly applied and re-tested, there and then. No more lengthy delays or costly one-on-one meetings with experts. Invite your architect, engineer and builder to the walkthrough and check everything off the list.

CADwalk advances your computer-aided designs from ideation to reality.

Companies, both big and small, are
growing their business with CADwalk

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