Designed from the operator out

EVANS spend time to understand the ergonomic and functional position requirements, and then develop around the operator’s equipment, adjacencies, communications and traffic flow.

Technical furniture designed
specifically for control rooms

EVANS offer fixed height, variable height and industry specific consoles of the highest performance – quality, functionality & comfort.

Poor console design can reduce productivity & safety

Technical furniture such as consoles play an important role in the functional requirements of control rooms. Poorly designed consoles can lead to ergonomics, functionality, space and compliance related issues, that affect the productivity of operators.

The Problem

Leading console designer & manufacturer with enviable track record

As a global leader of console design and manufacturing, Evans has delivered consoles to over 12,000 control room facilities.

Evans combines their years of experience with industry best practices and the latest technologies, to design and produce solutions that consistently deliver high quality client outcomes.


“EVANS consoles provide optimal console solutions using ergonomic design principles to link people & technology through innovation.”


Get it right the first time

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