Limited understanding from static information

Understanding, evaluating or learning via traditional methods have mostly been static. Tools are limited in allowing the user full interaction with their environment.

There is a growing need for improved understanding and decision making, either at an individual or businesses level as we look to extract greater value from data.


Improve decision making through virtual immersion

CADwalk is a market leader in technology that allows full sensory immersion that improves visualisation, data analysis and interpretation; resulting in improved understanding and/or decision making.

We have access to the latest Extended Reality (XR), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) software and hardware, to allow full immersion in the relevant environment. Applications include remote operations & maintenance, design reviews, training, human factor assessments and stakeholder engagement.


“Great payback compared to late scope changes – overall cost low compared to the cost of building works.”

Viva Energy

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Real time visualisation, validation & optimisation of designs and remote operations


Improve Decision Making


Latest Technology


Reduce Risk

Case Studies

Sydney Trains
ScopeRail Operations Centre (ROC) Operational Visual Display System for over 100 operators.
Homeowner, North Beach
ScopeCADwalk Lifesize digital workshop for new home build.
Homeowner, Dalkeith
ScopeCADwalk Lifesize digital workshop for new home build.
South 32
ClientSouth 32
ScopeCritical room at key Northern Territory facility.
Homeowner, Claremont
ScopeCADwalk Lifesize digital workshop for home extension and renovation.
WA Police State Operations Centre
ScopeDesign and deliver a video wall system for the State Operations Centre (SOC) with ...
WA Utility
ClientWA Utility
ScopeDesign, project management, supply and install of Control Room technical hardware ...
Genesis Energy
ScopeEngaged as consultant to advise on the consolidation of critical operations into one ...

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