Significant risks exist with traditional design methods

Engineering and architectural drawings, due to their 2D paper-based nature, are difficult to visualize.

Significant costs and time are incurred using traditional design and review methods. 3D ‘mock-ups’ are generally very time consuming and often unproductive due to their static nature.

The likelihood of design error is substantial as drawings can not involve all relevant stakeholders and do not provide a dynamic environment where all factors can be considered, including important interactions between people and their operating space.


Our spatial design tools provide a real-life, 3D interactive experience to validate & optimise

CADwalk’s patented spatial augmented reality (SAR) Lifesize sessions offer a collaborative and immersive design process not experienced anywhere else in the world.

Interactive 2D plans are projected on the floor at any scale, up to 1:1, so your stakeholders can walk through the design in life size, provide feedback and make changes in real time. A 3D model is simultaneously projected on the wall providing validation from all angles.

A CADwalk design session removes the protracted design process, irrespective of complexity and size. Analysis has shown design costs are reduced by 50%, design time by 80% and stakeholder input improved by 99%; considerably reducing project risk.

We also offer leading interactive & immersive virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) & mixed reality (MR) spatial design tools for the engineering sector. This allows further perspective to clients though depth, movement and audio – resulting in improved understanding and decision making. 

Applications include design, design reviews, human factor assessments and stakeholder engagement.

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“Great payback compared to late scope changes – overall cost low compared to the cost of building works”



Superior Data Interaction, Collaboration & Decision Making through the Virtual World


Latest Technology


Reduce Cost & Time


Collaborate & Improve Decisions


CADwalk delivers interactive and immersive inductions that maximise knowledge transfer to production and distribution critical industries


Customised integrated & immersive learning that fits the needs of our customers


Real time, scalable 3D validation to optimise engineering & operational performance


The future of home design is at your fingertips

Case Studies

Ministry of Justice NZ
ScopeFacilitate a CADwalk Lifesize workshop for the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in ...
ScopeConsult and design for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) on optimal size ...
Genesis Energy
ScopeEngaged as consultant to advise on the consolidation of critical operations into one ...
Viva Energy
ScopeInteractive Virtual Reality (VR) visualisation of the Refinery Field Centre as part of ...
Ergonomie Australia
ScopeTo create an interactive VR design tool for Ergonomie to assess the human factors (HF) ...
ScopeTo create an interactive “fly through” visualization for a new space center.

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