Virtual 3D Models

Creates a unified & immersive data set for customers to utilise multiple value add applications for their business


A one stop shop for all the latest visualisation technologies: Spatial Augmented Reality, VR, AR, & MR, as well as 
Digital Twins, Animations & Fly Throughs


Customised virtual solutions to maximise the value for our clients, focusing on key applications such as inductions, training, design and property sales


Optimal delivery systems to ensure the ultimate collaborative experience.

Ranging from Lifesize immersion to a more portable Mini,  through to desktop/laptop go-anywhere applications

Gerhard Kimenkowski CADwalk

Gerhard (Kim) Kimenkowski

The Creative

Kim's love for technology has driven the innovative business that is evident today. Whilst Kim started the business in control rooms and critical environments, in more recent years he has developed a leading digital visualisation business. 

Through CADwalk's market-leading and patented technologies, 3D models are now more immersive, interactive and real-life than ever before. 

CADwalk's virtual technologies allow clients to significantly improve cost and efficiency, quality, HSE and organisational capability. In other industries, these technologies have been used to boost sales and reduce sales cycles. 

Today, Kim sits on the Board to support the experienced management team that now drives this exciting business. He remains active in our R&D program ensuring that his innovative spirit continues to be alive and well within our CADwalk culture.

The Collective

A highly experienced & talented team you can trust.

Spatial Optimisation Experts

Spatial Optimisation Experts

Live Remote Ops Consultants

Live Remote Ops Consultants



CAD Designers

CAD Designers


Ergonomic Experts


3D Modeling


Software Developers




Project Managers


Highly Skilled Technicians

Spatial Augmented Reality

Real time and scalable validation & optimisation of plans or drawings

XR – VR, AR & MR

Fully immersive
simulation experience

Digital Twins & Fly Throughs

Innovative data interaction, high spec simulation & 3D solutions

Get it right the first time

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