Unclear control room data representation, resulting in poor decisions

What would be the cost if critical data in your control room was unclear, took too long to interpret or was even missed?

Video walls and displays are integral tools in control rooms and command centres that heighten visibility of critical data, improve interpretation, and accelerates an Operator’s ability to act on it.

However, they are often installed without any real understanding of how they will be used or line of sight from various workstations is limited.


Clear visual data, clear decision making

CADwalk Critical Rooms design, install, and integrate complex visual solutions to manage demanding control room applications.

Our first step however, is to ensure we understand your operations, operator requirements and control room layout to ensure a fit-for-purpose display system design.

In addition to the video wall or display itself, we deliver collaborative multi-source video wall management systems, with real time control and interactivity for monitoring and control.

Our video wall solutions for critical rooms and command centres are:

  • Aesthetic (ultra narrow & sharp image quality)
  • Durable for 24/7 365 critical operations
  • Flexible & scalable

We also design small scale video walls for personal work stations where it is impractical to install a large scale display.

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"CADwalk designed an LED solution, as an alternate display technology solution to the specified large and inflexible projection cubes, which the customer was not aware of. This allowed the display to be suspended, and freed up over 40m2 of critical floor space, while also producing a significantly slimmer, brighter and seamless display.

CADwalk demonstrated the cost benefit of the reduced disruption to operations over the expected 10 year life cycle."

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Case Studies

Sydney Trains
ScopeRail Operations Centre (ROC) Operational Visual Display System for over 100 operators.
South 32
ClientSouth 32
ScopeCritical room at key Northern Territory facility.
WA Utility
ClientWA Utility
ScopeDesign, project management, supply and install of Control Room technical hardware ...
WA Police
ClientWA Police
ScopeDesign and deliver a video wall system for the State Operations Centre (SOC) with ...
ScopeCritical room works for both the Gorgon (On Shore) and Wheatstone (Off Shore) projects.
ScopeErgonomic and human factors upgrade to the main control room and distributed control ...
ScopeTo create an interactive “fly through” visualization for a new space center.
Ergonomie Australia
ScopeTo create an interactive VR design tool for Ergonomie to assess the human factors (HF) ...

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