Managing maintenance, repairs & operations remotely

Management of maintenance, repairs and operations (MRO) plays a vital role in many industries with a direct influence on performance, productivity and safety.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present additional risk to operations, maintenance schedules and repairs given the reduced access to remote sites for technical experts. This is particularly the case for companies with intrastate, interstate or overseas remote operations.


See what I see remote collaboration

Augmented reality (AR) for live remote operations and maintenance combines real time two-way audio and video capabilities with interactive technology that superimposes a computer-generated image, such as 3D annotation, on a user's view of the physical environment.

This puts necessary data and instructions from any location in technicians’ hands in real-time, provides immediate access to remote experts and facilitates rapid execution of operations and maintenance. 

CADwalk Critical Rooms provides the expertise to assess your requirements and recommend technologies and solutions that will reduce down time and costs, human error and enhance safety. Contact us if you would like to know more live collaborative remote operations. 


Remote operations and maintenance is becoming increasingly relevant to managing multiple sites with more companies considering Augmented Reality as the future technology to overcome new world challenges. 



Consulting & Design, Supply & Installation and After Care for Operational Critical Environments


Reduce Cost & Time


Access Expertise Anytime Anywhere


Enhance Safety

Case Studies

Sydney Trains
ScopeRail Operations Centre (ROC) Operational Visual Display System for over 100 operators.
South 32
ClientSouth 32
ScopeCritical room at key Northern Territory facility.
WA Utility
ClientWA Utility
ScopeDesign, project management, supply and install of Control Room technical hardware ...
WA Police
ClientWA Police
ScopeDesign and deliver a video wall system for the State Operations Centre (SOC) with ...
ScopeCritical room works for both the Gorgon (On Shore) and Wheatstone (Off Shore) projects.
ScopeErgonomic and human factors upgrade to the main control room and distributed control ...
ScopeTo create an interactive “fly through” visualization for a new space center.
Ergonomie Australia
ScopeTo create an interactive VR design tool for Ergonomie to assess the human factors (HF) ...

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