The cost of poor control room design

A control room, operations centre, or command centre, is the nerve centre of an organisation that effects the performance of the company.

Sub-optimal planning and design will affect the success that can be driven by the business. Poor operational planning, ergonomics, room design, technology considerations or the integration of these increase risk and reduce performance.

Whether greenfield or brownfield, control rooms and associated operating environments require careful consideration, and you need a partner that has the experience to guide you through fit for purpose solutions and assist you to manage the risks that are inherent with control rooms.


Control room design for optimal performance

CADwalk Critical Rooms is at the forefront of assisting clients globally to maximise the potential from their critical room infrastructure. We offer consulting and design packages to optimise the outcome, mitigate project risks and evaluate often competing stakeholder and process inputs.

Our control room consultants and experienced designers take a holistic approach to capturing and understanding your requirements and ensure all aspects of the work environment are taken into consideration, particularly in complex environments. Concept designs and control room layouts are then tested in real time with key stakeholders, using market leading digital technologies, such as our patented Lifesize, VR, AR and MR visualisation tools, prior to confirming control room specifications for tender or detailed design.

We create synergies between the people, their operational and technology requirements, and  their physical environment. This is done while ensuring the solution is flexible and scalable should future control room upgrade or expansion be required. Contact us today to discuss your control room project.


“CADwalk has added significant value as our global consultant of choice in our quest to design the optimal control rooms of the future for the agency.”

European Space Agency

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Consulting & Design, Supply & Installation and After Care for Operational Critical Environments

Knowledge, Experience & Track Record

Knowledge, Experience & Track Record

Fit for Purpose

Fit for Purpose Methodology


Latest Technology


Real time, scalable validation and optimisation
of engineering or architectural drawings.

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Improve decision making through
superior interaction.

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Augmented Reality for Remote Operations

Enable experts to communicate 3D visualisation & instructions from any location to technicians at your remote site in real time.

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Case Studies

Sydney Trains
ScopeRail Operations Centre (ROC) Operational Visual Display System for over 100 operators.
South 32
ClientSouth 32
ScopeCritical room at key Northern Territory facility.
WA Utility
ClientWA Utility
ScopeDesign, project management, supply and install of Control Room technical hardware ...
WA Police
ClientWA Police
ScopeDesign and deliver a video wall system for the State Operations Centre (SOC) with ...
ScopeCritical room works for both the Gorgon (On Shore) and Wheatstone (Off Shore) projects.
ScopeErgonomic and human factors upgrade to the main control room and distributed control ...
ScopeTo create an interactive “fly through” visualization for a new space center.
Ergonomie Australia
ScopeTo create an interactive VR design tool for Ergonomie to assess the human factors (HF) ...

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