Fab Marion of Coast Homes invited client Rob Parker to visit CADwalk in Forrestfield for a review of the design plans for Rob’s new home. After the session, Rob gave his feedback:

‘Thank you for accompanying us through the design with the CADwalk demonstration. Both Nicolle and I found this a very helpful experience and appreciated the opportunity to take the virtual reality tour of the project.We have not been through the design of a home before and we have found it difficult to appreciate the real life dimensions of the plans. The process provided reassurance with respect to the size of the living areas but also allowed us to realise and modify some problem areas in the floor plan. This will hopefully avoid costly corrections later in the course of building.’

Fab concluded by saying:

‘This was a great experience for us all and being able to confirm their design works for their requirements. As Rod mentioned, he had a few areas which he was unsure about and CADwalk was able to confirm these areas worked well with some minor tweaks. Such an innovative concept and I can see where this will help a lot of clients with assurance to their home design.’

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