Following the success of CADwalk’s space optimisation and validation applications in the control room design and retail store fit out industries, now CADwalk enables you to walk through your dream home before you spend any money building or renovating it.

If you are in the process of designing your new home, living space, garden or renovation project, CADwalk is here to ensure what gets built is exactly what you’d dreamed of. CADwalk can model your home layout in a life size projection; meaning complete homes, rooms and gardens can all be simulated in original size, walked through, instantly edited and felt in cm for cm accuracy.

Bring your existing plans for a new home or a renovation or even a garden project to us. They may be sketches, builders plan on paper or in a digital format. Whatever the input, our team of experts can get your design ready for a CADwalk Workshop. After workshopping your project with our experienced Architect, to come up with your dream layout and design, you have the option of receiving your finalised plan as CAD drawings, 3D interactive models, precise renderings, whatever you need to finish the job.

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