Technical Rooms

Mission-critical technical rooms such as command and control rooms, remote operation centres and incident control rooms are the hub of many industrial systems and typically control assets of enormous value - consider a single day’s lost production in the oil and gas industry can equate to a $20million loss. Considering operators in these technical rooms are required to monitor large quantities of information 24/7/365, the ergonomic, workflow and functional design of the room and the information on display is of paramount importance.

Customers desire a ‘get it right the first time’ project without any costly reworks. CADwalk, coupled with our expertise in spacial design and human factors, make us the perfect solution. Industries we have worked in include Oil & Gas, Mining, Air Traffic Control, Security, Water, Power and Transport.

How can CADwalk help in the design of technical rooms?

Transpower wished to upgrade its system control environment to introduce additional space and more ergonomically effective desking for staff to meet modern health and safety standards, efficiencies and objectives.

Transpower sent two system coordinators to a 2 day CADwalk workshop at our Centre of Excellence in Adelaide to ‘try out’ their proposed floor layout in a life size experience. CADwalk enabled variations of shape and location to be tested in real time.

‘The end result has been near perfect. The CADwalk experience was a big benefit when it came time to sign the supply contract and the consoles (delivered by Jumbo Vision) have proven to be everything Transpower wanted and expected.’

System Operations Manager, Transpower

CADwalk: Interactive Command & Control Room Design






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