Let’s get started

Bring your existing plans to us. They may be in your head, on paper or in complete 3D models. Whatever the input our team of experts can get your design CADwalk ready.


CADwalk Workshops

Optimise and validate your design with your team at a CADwalk facility. Our experts in spatial design and human factors will be ready to assist your design process.



Final Design

Not only will you receive your finalised plan as drawings but you have the option to choose from a range of additional consulting and visual reports including recommendations from expert consultants, renderings. 3D interactive models and videos, whatever you need to finish the job.


Ready to build?
See our Critical Room Solutions site.

CADwalk Services

CADwalk is available as a full service facility in a growing number of locations currently including Perth, Adelaide and Munich.
Services include 3D modelling of your space into the CADwalk system to provide the full interactive experience and enable your team to validate and optimise your design space with support from our experts
in space optimisation and human factors.
Additional services are also available for reports including final plans, high definition video and interactive 3D output for PC and mobile devices.


Reporting services

CADwalk’s service offering can include requirements analysis, design reports, 3D renders and also presentations to stakeholder groups.

Our holistic approach to capturing and understanding the full range of requirements is what sets us apart. We believe in engaging with the relevant stakeholders at all stages of technical room design from conception to installation, resulting in a technical room that is highly functional, ergonomically safe for its operators, attractive and durable, meeting current mission critical business requirements while being adaptable to future technical room upgrade and expansion.


Get in Touch

CADwalk facilities are currently available in
Australia: Perth and Adelaide
Europe: Munich, Germany

2017 will see a CADwalk facility open in Houston, USA.
Please contact us to discuss your needs, or if you have an interest in partnering in the setup of a facility near you.


Where is CADwalk available?

3D data simulation services & virtual reality

The integration and use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are available as an extension to CADwalk’s services.

This is applicable as both an inhouse feature to explore your CADwalk environment further while at our facilities, and also as an external feature to show your design to your colleagues and stakeholders back at the office.

CADwalk: Interactive Command & Control Room Design






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CADwalk: Interactive Command & Control Room Design

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