Retail Store Design

Case Study: Diverse Shopfitters

All of the project stake holders were present on the day of the CADwalk workshop, including the shopfitter, the client and the designer, and after a brief presentation from the CADwalk team, the group were asked about their concerns.  As the discussion unfolded the CADwalk team were able to step back and simply facilitate the operation of the system to reflect the group’ conversations and ideas. The group moved around the space, walking up and down the simulated aisles, moving shelving and equipment to assess the consequential impact on the overall space.  The CADwalk team even provided 2D shopping trolleys for the group to push around the store.

The layout was discussed, alternatives were assessed and a final layout was decided on, validated and approved at the CADwalk workshop in one day by all of the stake holders. The clients walked away with a greater understanding of their space and how it was being used. The shopfitter walked away confident that the client was happy with the proposed design and would not be causing concerns midway through construction, that may otherwise have been painful and expensive for all. The designer walked away happy that the proposed design and layout was in fact the right solution all along and happy that their client now had a greater level of trust in their recommendations. The designer said “It was a great presentation and I know my clients had a lot of value from this. I’m looking forward to showing more clients!”

CADwalk’s main use to date has been to facilitate and optimise the design of technical rooms all over Australia and New Zealand, and has been especially useful for the design of control rooms and air traffic control towers for companies such as Airservices Australia, Chevron and Transpower. However the applications for CADwalk extend to a diverse range of applications where the optimisation and design of spaces is critical.  One of the new applications showing very exciting potential is  ‘Retail fit-out’.  Optimising retail space for smooth traffic flow while maximising shopper exposure to products has very clear financial returns on the investment in the CADwalk process for retailers.

After discussions with Diverse Shopfitters, Australia’s leading independent shop fitting company and winner of three awards at the 2015/16 ASOFIA National Interior Fitout Awards, CADwalk was engaged with a client of Diverse Shopfitters for the design of a new gourmet grocery, fresh food, delicatessen in the affluent suburb of Floreat in Western Australia. The fit-out consisted of a deli section (smallgoods, cheeses etc), areas for fresh fruit and vegetables, dry goods, dairy and meat, with the back of house involving office space, cool rooms & freezers, and a food preparation area.

The clients concern was that the proposed design seemed over crowded with fixtures, leaving insufficient space for shoppers to move about the store freely. The question of space is exactly why CADwalk was engaged as the design simulation technology allows for 1:1 scaling, enabling the client to see exactly how the design will feel metre for metre.

The designer provided the CADwalk team with the 2D drawings of the gourmet grocery store with before and after drawings to show the changes being discussed in the new fitout. CADwalk’s experts in room design then liaised with Diverse Shopfitters to gain a detailed understanding of the client’s areas of concern and the possible alternatives. From this, The CADwalk team were able to develop a 3D model of the space in 1:1 scaling and created relevant items in the model such as shelving units and shop tills that the client could interact with and move around on the day of the CADwalk workshop. Before and after images of the store were created to allow the client to have a direct space comparison of the old and new shop fitouts and visually comprehend with ease which parts of the existing structure were being altered.

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