Optimise the Process

Our experience has shown that the countless meetings, redrafts and emails in the traditional control room design process can take 3 - 6 months. CADwalk streamlines this to a mere 2 - 10 days.


Realise the Best Solution

Through a rich visual experience, CADwalk allows you to easily compare and evaluate alternate room layouts in real-time and in life-size, so you can choose the best possible solution for your space.


Immerse Yourself in the Design

Walk through your design with CADwalk to equip your team with a more accurate mental representation of the final room layout, so you know exactly what you’re getting and can get it right the first time.  


‘The assurance provided by the CADwalk experience was a big benefit when it came time to sign the supply contract.’

System Operations Manager, Transpower

‘Never before have we been able to walk around the proposed layout, change the orientation and ‘try’ various layouts. It was a unique and enlightening experience.’

Operations Manager, Unison

Welcome to CADwalk

The unique room design simulation tool

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CADwalk is an interactive visualisation tool for life-size room design and space optimisation.

CADwalk was developed out of a need for clients designing high-value spaces who wanted to be able to experience the design before it was built.


 Project your Design into a New Dimension

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CADwalk: Interactive Command & Control Room Design






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