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CADwalk is a unique tool for collaborative room design and space optimisation that features life size scaling and real time interactivity. CADwalk overcomes a number of common design issues by facilitating a creative environment for your team to rapidly test and optimise designs, while effectively engaging all key stakeholders in a time and cost efficient manner.


Validate the Design

The general population are inherently poor at visualising space and often struggle to foresee how an area will ultimately come together. When key parties are given the opportunity to explore the design in 1:1 scaling (and physically walk-through the virtual reality environment) they have a better chance of understanding how the new layout will look, feel, and function.

Include and Empower All Stakeholders

CADwalk enables anyone from senior management, to architects, to operators the opportunity to manipulate the design. Greater participation allows for greater breadth and depth of ideas as well as increased ownership in the success of the project. Ownership and engagement is particularly important when a project may impact work-style or staff numbers.

Enable Remote Decision Making

CADwalk supports remote input from stakeholders via video conferencing. External parties can see and review CADwalk sessions in real-time with the ability to speak to the project team as if they too were present. This capability has already proven beneficial when international companies have been constrained by particularly tight timelines.

Adhere to Structural Constraints

CADwalk helps teams to understand the physical constraints of the area they are working with. CADwalk will highlight when there is a collision between objects and fixed factors, or between two objects, so valid approaches can be tried and tested. This helps reduce the chance of ‘surprises’ or ill-fitting solutions.

Save Time and Money

CADwalk targets the stage in the design process where there is continued, dynamic change. Our experience has shown that the countless meetings, redrafts and emails in the traditional design process can take 3 - 6 months. CADwalk streamlines this to a mere 2 - 10 days, saving up to 48%* in total design costs.

Rapidly Assess Alternatives

Projected objects, such as desks or chairs, can be moved easily to test alternate designs as soon as the idea comes to mind. Being able to test a wider number of alternatives increases the likelihood of finding the most appropriate design for the space. These design developments can then be recorded, shared and compared with alternate options.

Benefits of CADwalk

The CADwalk Story

Jumbo Vision International (JVI) developed CADwalk for their clients, who were expressing the need to be able to see, experience, and interact with room layouts during the design phase. JVI found clients wanted to walk through their design before it was built - a need that went beyond simple CAD drawings and moving around paper cut-outs.

CADwalk was developed in collaboration with the Advanced Computing Research Centre at the University of South Australia and was launched in September 2013. CADwalk was awarded South Australia’s ‘Best New Product’ in the iAwards ICT innovation awards programme in June 2014.

In 2015, CADwalk was awarded funding by the Australian Government for international commercialisation and expansion into Europe and North America. CADwalk Europe opened in Munich in February 2017.

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Why CADwalk?

Traditional Approach

CADwalk Approach

* Based on a $1.5m command and control room project, comparing the cost of traditional consulting and design activities with a 6 day CADwalk rental.

Gerhard Kimenkowski

Inventor of CADwalk

Testimonials to CADwalk’s Return on Investment

“The CADwalk session we had proved to be very valuable for the project team building the new office, and effectively dictated how our control room was to be set up. I’m not sure we could put an exact figure on it, but it ultimately saved us significant amounts of time (and consultants fees) as we were able to design the room immediately after the session. I would estimate it would have saved us $10,000 - $20,000.

“The CADwalk session provided a very detailed 3D feedback, and it became obvious that although the new consoles would fit, the space for operational staff, maintenance staff, chairs, etc. was extremely limited, and was not suitable for more than a short period.  Had we proceeded with the original strategy it would have quickly become a significant operational safety risk. Estimated Return on Investment (ROI) =  2 weeks effort for project and operational staff, additional travel and accommodation for  project, Contractor costs for disassembly and re-assembly of one console.  
ROI estimated at $100,000.  Plus probable impact on operational safety – so the ROI is not monetary, but avoidance of risk.

“I don’t think I could easily put a dollar figure on it, but I’m pretty sure we saved between three and six months on the project by having the concentrated design session using CADwalk..”

The CADwalk sessions and resultant floor planning/desk design outcomes allowed us to gain additional confidence the investment we were making would achieve the best design outcome to meet our needs.  The CADwalk investment was relatively modest against the much larger investment being made, especially given the 10 year service life we expected.  We wanted and had to get the design right.

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